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Helping Businesses Function Without Friction

Arcadia Chem Pte. Ltd. provides extensive and well-engineered solutions to companies around the world.

As part of our suite of services, we also offer Flexitank solutions and Isotank leasing, giving customers access to high quality products and advisory services.

We are equally capable of handling the complexity of bulk oil and gas logistics, freight management, and project management. By cutting through the clutter, we will bring detailed organisation and implementation to any operation.

Mission & Vision

We strive to distinguish our services by sourcing only from top markets, setting fair prices, and keeping the customer at the heart of what we do.

We will deliver top-in-class solutions so that businesses and companies can function without friction.


While we primarily exist to help businesses achieve their corporate objectives, we recognise that our operation is well placed in a position to make a positive impact to the environment. We aim to keep things sustainable and keep our third party negative externalities low.


Arcadiachem also specializes in haulage services for bulk chemical liquids, ensuring the secure and efficient transportation of various chemicals. Equipped with a dedicated fleet designed to handle diverse chemical cargoes, Arcadiachem prioritizes precision and reliability in its logistics operations.

The company’s unwavering commitment to safety standards and regulatory compliance guarantees the safe transport of bulk chemical liquids, providing clients with confidence in their chemical logistics. Arcadiachem goes beyond conventional transportation, offering a comprehensive service that encompasses careful planning, strict adherence to regulations, and punctual deliveries tailored to the specific requirements of the chemical industry.

Parcel Tankers

Parcel tankers, also known as multi-grade or multi-parcel tankers, are versatile vessels designed to transport different types of liquid cargoes simultaneously in separate compartments. These compartments allow for the carriage of various chemicals, oils, or other liquid products without the risk of contamination. The capacities of parcel tankers vary widely, ranging from smaller vessels with a few thousand deadweight tons (DWT) to larger ships with capacities exceeding 100,000 DWT.

These vessels are equipped with advanced pumping and piping systems, along with sophisticated control mechanisms, enabling efficient loading, unloading, and segregation of multiple cargoes. The flexibility of parcel tankers is a key advantage in meeting the diverse and often complex requirements of shippers in the liquid cargo industry. This adaptability allows for optimized transportation solutions, making parcel tankers a crucial component of the global maritime logistics network.

Specialized Ship Brokering
Arcadia Chem specializes in brokering services tailored for chemical parcel tankers, catering to the unique needs of transporting liquid chemicals.

Global Shipping Network
Our extensive network connects clients with a diverse fleet of chemical tankers, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation solutions worldwide.

Cargo Expertise
Arcadia Chem understands the intricacies of transporting various chemical cargoes, providing expertise in handling diverse and sensitive chemical shipments.

Risk Mitigation
Our team is dedicated to minimizing risks associated with chemical transportation, offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize safety and compliance.

Client-Centric Approach
With a focus on client satisfaction, Arcadia Chem collaborates closely with customers to tailor ship brokering services to their specific requirements and schedules.

Industry Compliance
Adhering to industry regulations and standards, Arcadia Chem ensures that all chemical parcel tanker operations meet or exceed safety and environmental guidelines.

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