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With more than 30 years of experience under the belt, Arcadia Containers Pte. Ltd. specialises in the manufacturing, engineering, and operating of ISO Tank Containers. Established in Singapore in 2015, Arcadia Containers is located strategically – we are pivoted at a major trading and shipping hub, allowing us to trade and deliver logistics solutions to our customers and partners globally with efficiency.

While the purchase and sales of ISO Tank Containers remain as our core service, it only forms a part of our larger solution set – we are equally adept at providing other types of containers, services, and logistical needs.

We have established a diverse and comprehensive network spanning across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and North & South America regions. Yet, while traversing the globe, we have always been rooted to our purpose to do what we do, for you.

We endeavour to uphold only the highest standards in what we do and always remain anchored by our dedication to customer satisfaction.

We envision being a leading ISO Tank Container service provider powered by an unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity, and value added solutions.

Types of Tanks That We Offer

Standard Tank T11

- Size: 10ft/20ft/30ft
- Tank Capacity: 5KL~10KL, 11KL~21KL, 22KL~28KL, 30KL~35KL
- Type: T1~T12
- Types of DG Cargoes are under category Class 3, 5, 6, 8 & 9
- Types of Non DG Cargoes are e.g. Juices, Alcohol, Milk etc.

Special Tank T14

- Size: 10ft/20ft, Horizontal & Vertical Type
- Tank Capacity: 2KL~10KL, 11KL~21KL
- Type: T13~T22
- Types of DG Cargoes are under category Class 6,7,8 & 9 e.g. HCL 33%, Sulphuric Acid 70%, Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 10% requires tank interior with Rubber/FRP/PTFE/PFA Lining, Chemline/Sakaphen Coating & FRP Lining.

Gas Tank T50

- Size: 10ft/20ft/30ft/40ft
- Tank Capacity: 2KL~10KL, 20KL~45KL
- Type: T50
- Types of Cargoes for T50 gas tank will be Anhydrous Ammonia, Ethylene Oxide, LPG, Refrigerant Gases etc.

Cryogenic Tank T75

- Size: 10ft/20ft/30ft/40ft
- Tank Capacity: 2KL~10KL, 20KL~45KL
- Type: T75
- Types of Cargoes for T75 cryogenic tank will be LAr, LN2, LO2, LCO2, Ethylene (C2H4), LNG etc.

Other Tanks, Containers & Parts

- Cement Tanks, Silo Tanks for powder and granular products, Bitumen Tank, GP Container, Reefer Container & Tank Container Parts

Logistics & Network

- We have access to a global network and are able to provide compatible logistics and shipping rates (via sea, road, rail, or barge services) to any destination.


- Tank Container Sales and Purchase (New, Fully Refurbished & Pre-Owned)
- Tank Container Repairs & Modifications
- Tank Container Rental (Short & Long Term)
- Tank Container Inspection & Condition Survey
- Tank Container Depot Worldwide Services
- Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessel & Other Related Engineering Works


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